See HOW Many People Just Like You Are SAYING ABOUT OUR CLASSES:
"...I have taken 3 microblading Courses and Danny's and Jocelyn's is the best by far..."
Deana Martinex-Hay--Owner of Lasting Impressions Permanent Makeup
"...It was phenomenal!  I learned so much more than I thought POSSSIBLE..."
Dawn Larsen-20 Years Experienced Permanent Makeup Artist
"...I took a microblading class before but it wasn't good. After Danny's class, I am so happy..."
Fatma Gunay--15 Years Hair Stylist
"...Master Danny is wonderful.  He'll teach you everything you need to know and all the secrets.  Take this class and you will have great confidence after it..."
Cindi Diep Cao Nguyen--former Phibrows student
"...I took a microblading class before but it wasn't good. After Danny's class, I am so happy..."
Bita Nourahmadi--from Chicago, Illinois
"...Phibrows Class with Danny and Jocelyn is amazing.  It's super fast-paced but they teach you everything you need to know and won't let you continue to the next level until you get it.."
Denise Reyes--former Phibrows student
"...It was a great experience and it provided me all the essentials and the tools that I need to succeed.  Thank you..."
Raquel Williams--former Phibrows Student
"...He's very thorough.  I highly recommend this class to everyone.  He's the best..."
Swekshaya Karki--former Phibrows student
1515 E Shaw Ave.
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Office Phone Number:
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Phibrows Masters Jocelyn & Danny
Danny Dang and Jocelyn Tran are one of the first Phibrows Masters in the US. They have a PhiAcademy training Phibrows Microblading, Phicontour Lips and Eyeliners, Powder Brows and various Phi Techniques to students all over United States. For over the years, they have been helping many students succeed and changing their lives with a career in microblading and permanent makeup.
In 2019, they got awarded the WORLD'S BEST PHIBROWS Master for having the most Phibrows Graduated and Successful Students.  They are dedicated to helping students achieve their dreams and goals to have a career they love while making the money that they can only dream about.
Marcus: 1-559-321-6349
Judy: 1-669-213-7625
Jocelyn: 1-559-391-7996
Main Office: 559-394-8342
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